Reviews & Experiences

Here’s a collection of reviews and experiences from people who have read Matt’s book How To Be Lucky, completed his Direct Entrepreneur Course, attended his seminars or had coaching advice from Matt:

Nathan Greenberg Jiménez - “I came from Spain a few months ago to the UK looking for work opportunities and in the firsts few days after arriving I found Matt’s book in my hands, things of fate… Trust me, I’ve followed lots of the steps, advice and tips of this awesome book and despite my level of English, I’ve found a very nice job as an account executive. Anyway, not only for that reason, I think it’s a must read book, I’m sure it’s helpful for everybody.”


Daniel Kentfield - “The last few chapters were my favorite! Rare advice! That kind of stuff is always overlooked in every business book! I am of course referring to the exercise on how much you really earn! I have a few mates who I think this book would really make a difference to so I’m gonna make sure they read it! Btw I loved the book so much I read it cover to cover in one sitting! It really grabs your attention! =] Loved it!! 5*”


Kirsty Seaward - “Great book. Inspirational. Gave me a whole new way of looking at things! Enjoyable read and a bit of a kick in the right direction. I would definitely recommend reading this book to lift your spirits. Well done Matt!”


Cathy Dunbabin - “When I picked up this book I was not sure what to expect. I have shelves laden with ‘Get Rich’ advice books, Business ‘must have’ books and ‘Be A Better Person’ lifestyle books. The title intrigued me as I have always believed I am unlucky, I never win a raffle, have 2 failed marriages behind me and certainly was not expecting to win the lottery (although I always bought a ticket). What I wasn’t expecting was to feel so much emotion after reading this book. The book is not an English masterpiece it is quite simply one man’s story in his own words. Matt Kinsella’s style is refreshingly honest, not an ounce of ‘poor old me’, just a genuine desire to share his story so far. It opened my eyes to so many aspects of my life that I had no freedom in. I cried when I realised how little time I spend with my daughters; not the all running round the house time but the relaxed fun time when we laugh and chat together. It has triggered some major changes in my life. I have realised that I was trying to achieve a dream I didn’t even have any more and that other things are now so much more important to me. I couldn’t put it down and I would urge you to read it for yourself.”


PPaul Kiley - “From now on its going to be my bible…a source of REAL inspiration. Thanks for being accessible, you probably have no idea how much that means. To be able to contact someone as successful as you is worth its weight in REAL gold and is so rare. Here’s to the future…”


Matt Hull - “Matt, I have just finished reading your book all I can say is top job. Very inspirational and I have a totally different mindset already in how I will look at my life. That exercise at the end has really hit home with me about how much work I do compared to my profit by day and sometimes I go into work worried and stressed, it really is pittance. I will 110% look for every opportunity possible now to do this on my own as soon as I am comfortable I will leave my job and build my future for myself. I really will look up to what you have achieved and i hope to follow your path to achieve something for myself. Thank You.
P.S. I think your book could be the best £7 spent, because where you refereed to people needing a nudge or SHOVE refers to me a treat!”


Tom (via Twitter) – “Your Tweets are a daily inspiration to me as I recently started my own business. I’ve never worked so hard in my life… but I’ve never been happier! Keep it coming! I started your book… Loving it. We have a lot in common. I’m making it happen for myself too! You never know what people will say Yes to… when you just ask for help! I’m giving it back now… SO Thrilled!”


Richard (via Twitter) - “Just like to give a big thank you to Matthew Kinsella who has given me some helpful advice. A true inspiration.”



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