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Publishing and Launching our Client’s New Book: The Business Side of SEO

This week we are publishing and launching a new book The Business Side of SEO: Building a Business Within The Digital Marketing Industry, for our client Mark Preston.

Absolutely anyone selling services to other businesses could get something from this book, not just those in the SEO industry.

For the last few months it’s been a pleasure working with Mark on this book because he has many years experience in providing B2B services and all that entails, including failures and successes. Finding his way and creating a good business Mark ran into a lot of similar issues and solutions to problems as I found through my own times creating and running service based businesses, so we had a lot of common ground to talk about.

This week we are launching the Kindle version with the paperback to follow next week. For a limited time until Saturday you can download for free at Amazon using this link.

Within 24 hours of launch we have created a bestseller and Mark can stand behind this forever in his business life to prove the credibility and authority he had already earned in his industry.

Mark came to me already knowing the value of writing a book to boost his credibility and use for PR and marketing to generate more leads and prospects. Here is what he said about working with me:

“For many years, I’ve always wanted to write my own book. A few months ago, I connected with Matt Kinsella as he was on my top 100 list of influential business and marketing people and we got talking. After a while, As Matt is a bestselling author himself, I mentioned that I always had an ambition to write and publish my own book but just had this idea that it would either be done badly if I did it myself, cost me thousands of pounds or I would end up doing all the work for a publisher to take all the financial rewards.

How wrong was I. Matt offered me a book mentoring and publishing service, which I snapped up. Whilst writing this book, I had many days where I just couldn’t find the motivation to continue but during our weekly mentoring calls Matt always managed to give me inspiration to move forward and recognise how easy it actually was. I can state 100% that if Matt had not been helping through the process, my book would have never been finished.

Even before this book was released it directly boosted my credibility and authority in my field and led to better leads, clients and higher fees I could charge. Anyone can put out a self-published book or an eBook but Matt has helped me create a properly published book that is also marketed and promoted it brilliantly.

As this book is about marketing and selling your services I can recommend contacting Matt to help raise your business profile. I am already talking to Matt about writing my second book. Everyone has a book in them and with the right help – It’s not that hard. Just speak to Matt as he is a really friendly guy.”

If you’d like to discuss the idea of writing a book please don’t hesitate to get in touch I’d be happy to discuss it with you:

If you’d like to know more about Mark Preston’s book and his great work in the field of SEO click here to check out his website.

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Matt Kinsella’s Real World Business Series


A few months ago whilst working with some coaching clients and going through the business course I created they suggested I convert the course material into a series of books and I thought it was a great idea so after some editing they are finally complete.

Click here for Amazon Kindle versions (This is the cheapest way to purchase and the Kindle app is available for most tablets and smartphones)

Click here for information on the paperback versions

There are 4 books in my Real World Business Series:

Book 1 – Creating New Business Ideas and Opportunities
– What really makes an entrepreneur
The psychology of an entrepreneur, myths erased, the truth about entrepreneurship and how you can become an entrepreneur today.
– Generating and developing for new businesses ideas. (Plus recognising and creating opportunities)
How to come up with new ideas for a business or investment, developing those ideas or existing ones. How to see ready-made opportunities or create some from what is already in front of you.

Book 2 – Starting or Relaunching Your Business
– Choosing and deciding on a business, investment or venture
Get to know what opportunities or ideas are worth trying. Learn how to work out if the structure, income stream or growth will work for you. When to start and just as importantly when to quit and move on to the next idea.
– Business Planning and start or relaunch
What you should know (or find out) before starting any venture and what tools or people you need to put in place beforehand.

Book 3 – Sales and Marketing
– Sales
Learn how anyone can sell, it’s a natural talent we all have if you know how to use it. Whether you are “selling” your ideas to investors or physically selling products to customers, it is a key skill for any entrepreneur.
– Marketing
Find out marketing tricks, how to measure everything so you know what works best for your particular product. Inexpensive and free tools for websites. What is important (and usually free) and what is a waste of time and/or money. How to use social media. Blogging.

Book 4 – Cash Flow and Creating a Future For Your Business
– Making money and cash flow
Setting targets and making sure you reach them. Setting prices. Tricks to make sure you always get paid. Maximizing profits and minimizing costs.
– The future
How to change and adapt. Make unexpected events work in your favour. How to stay motivated and overcome failures to turn every problem into an opportunity for more success.

If you would like some help with marketing your business or just to share your experiences I would really like to hear from you. Get in touch via the form below and I will email you back.