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New Business Support Group

sb2bbnew-logo2-copyIn August I launched a new closed group of people in business to give them access to all my books and material, weekly live online webinars, 1 to 1 support if required and also for the members to support each other. Now I want to expand this group because with more members the greater the engagment and support for everyone involved.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who is in business at any stage or anyone considering starting a business and also for those working for a company in business development, sales or marketing. There is material, support and advice for anyone at any stage.

Currently we have members from UK, USA, Ireland and Canada. It’s an online members only group with some additional support via Skype or phone calls if required.

What You’ll Get

Guidance and support on how to create a really succesful business

Business development training and advice using techniques that are tried and tested

Sales training from creating leads through to closing so you sell more and more often

Improve cashflow, create more income streams, get paid more for the same products and services easily and reliably

A real business support community group of likeminded people

Have the support of multiple “business partners” with different skills and experience but without having anyone else directly involved in your business

What My Clients Say About my Methods and Material:

“I started working with Matt around the end of August 2014.

He was recommended to me by a business contact. I really wasn’t sure what to expect or gain from it but she ensured me it would help with my business and teach me how best to build it.

I had several, 1 hour sessions with Matt and a few Brain storming sessions in the last few months (which were priceless really).

The progress I have made has been quite remarkable. He’s taught me to think outside of the box even more so than I thought I did!

In short my sales skills and even recruitment skills are through the roof. I’m actually selling for fun across all my business at the moment and I currently earn around £7000 more every month than I did before I was coached by Matt.”

How To Get Involved:

Fill out the contact form below so we can have a quick conversation about the group and get you logged on as soon as we can.

Would You Like To Write a Chapter For a Bestselling Business Book?

How To Be Lucky - BestsellerAfter creating some best selling business books of my own I started to think about how I could do the same for others. Why would I want to do that? Mostly because I didn’t understand the value of having my own best selling book until I created one. The indirect additional income it created and clients knocking my door down instead of the other way around, inspired me to want to help other people in business to do the same. Not just get a book out but make it a best seller to create PR and credibility. Already we have taken some existing books for other coaches, consultants and business people and made them best sellers on Amazon but I wanted to help those that hadn’t written a book yet or didn’t have the time to write a whole book.

This prompted me to put out a quick message on Facebook if anyone was interested in writing just one chapter to go into a collaborative book that we would make a best seller. Already we have 10 authors and chapters and this first book should be ready for release in the next month.  I am already considering a second volume of this book series to start working on in the next few months. Would you like to feature in our next book?

What’s the book about? I have already written 5 books about my own experiences in business and entrepreneurship, in my particular style, so I wanted a varied mix of information, experiences and personal stories. Some of the authors have smaller businesses, some larger. The chapters range from motivational through to practical advice from specialists in marketing and PR.

For more info on the value of a book see this other blog post I wrote The Value of a Book and if you are interested in being a part of it and featuring in our next book then I’d love to hear from you, contact us using the form below:

Great Product vs Great Marketing

picsmcSo you have the best product or service at a great price, the few customers you have just love your business and what you do but you can’t understand why it’s so hard to get new clients when your competitors with inferior products and services with higher prices are getting new clients and making more money than you? What’s the answer? Marketing!

I get asked all the time why a business is under performing compared to the competition and it’s almost always the same answer; the competition is spending more on more effective marketing. This is often backed up with a more effective sales strategy that is closing more deals because they know that “telling is not selling”.

I am sorry if this sounds rude but the general public are lazy, they want easy, convenient, simple, uncomplicated and often whatever is in front of them now because that’s the easiest option. Even more discerning clients will often opt for what they know because further research is too time consuming and they need something fulfilled now.

If you are not easy to find or (put basically) in their face, you will struggle to get sales and new clients.

What are your successful competitors doing that you are not? Firstly they are probably delegating their marketing to an expert. Every business owner knows that you can end up wearing all the hats in a business; the bookkeeper, the sales person, web designer, marketing manager etc. This is OK but only up to a certain point, it is very difficult to be a master at all of these things and despite what you might think, you may just not ever be cut out to be great at some of these things. Stick to what you are good at and delegate the rest where possible.

I know many very profitable businesses that make awful products, with terrible customer service and bad websites, yet they still get new customers and plenty of repeat business because their marketing and sales are the largest and most important sections of their business. But I don’t know many successful businesses that have an amazing product but limited marketing and sales capacity. Many businesses have been built on sales and marketing strategies alone, very few businesses with only a great product but no sales or marketing survive for very long.

I am not saying that is how it should be and it’s quite sad, but that is just the way it is. Your potential clients’ human nature dictates that.

What marketing should you be doing? This depends on your business and who you are selling to. All marketing is a punt in the beginning but you can make some educated choices. This is where many go wrong. For example it’s easy to phone a local newspaper and pay a large amount of money for an ad or start a pay-per-click Adwords campaign and spend hundreds in a week or two, get no new clients and give it up as a bad idea. Who designed your ad? You? Did you write it based on how it works rather than the benefits? Did you offer something free or cheap and then got surprised the people you attracted didn’t want to spend money? Did you target a demographic that don’t read newspapers or click on Google ads? This is why it’s often best to spend more on the sales and marketing people than on the ads themselves.

Let me give you a personal example from my own experience. When I launched my first book back in 2011 I had no idea how to promote myself or a book. The businesses I had been involved with required business to business sales which I was good at, but I had limited experience at that time of promoting myself and a book. In the first month of that book release it sold about 30 copies. How much did I spend on advertising and marketing in that month; about $1500. So my return on investment was zero, in fact about minus $1350. It has done very well since then but the first month was very poor because I wasn’t experienced enough in the areas of marketing and PR for selling books at that time. After working with (and paying for) advice and training from some of the top people in book PR and social media marketing my next book sold 600 copies in the first week and was a bestseller in 3 categories on Amazon. what was the cost of using specialists and the marketing budget for the new book; about $750 (half of the previous budget for first book launch). ROI? Hard to calculate because there were discounts and promotions but also because the book sales generated consultancy work that I would have to calculate that in too. Put it this way; I made more than my investment back in the first week and it has continued making me money since.

Regardless of the exact figures, it’s plain and simple to see the difference between the two book launches and the returns.

There has been a seismic shift in marketing in the last few years away from old print advertising and old online ads to new media and new online marketing techniques and it has taken me 3 years working with some of the top people in the business to learn what works so don’t be surprised you or “experts” that haven’t kept up are struggling. It’s not an easy thing to get right.

If you would like some help with marketing your business or just to share your experiences I would really like to hear from you. Get in touch via the form below and I will email you back.

New Entrepreneurship Theory

I am working on a new theory and business philosophy built on my post Building a Business vs Making Money. The summary of the theory is this: To build a profitable business it has to be profitable for you and that making money is not the same as building a business. It also goes beyond that though and I think certain types of traditional businesses are  doomed to fail. Continue reading New Entrepreneurship Theory

It’s Not What You Are Selling, It’s How You Sell It

Since the birth of our daughter my wife and I have noticed how nearly everything we have bought or has been given to us for her is made in China. Probably 95% of the stuff has a “Made in China” label, regardless of the price, product, quality or the type of shop it was bought in. Some of the gifts came from high-end boutiques, very nicely wrapped and presented which I suspect cost quite a bit. Continue reading It’s Not What You Are Selling, It’s How You Sell It

Building a Business Vs Making Money

business office buildingCash pileWhen I first started out in business, and for some time, I was obsessed with building a business; a company that I owned and worked for me rather than me work for it.

Like many others I convinced myself that if I built up a sizable company and employed people to do the work then at some point in the future I could sit back and enjoy the profits with minimal effort from myself. This is probably what most people think entrepreneurs do and I see many new business people and would-be entrepreneurs start out on this road. Continue reading Building a Business Vs Making Money

Be Successful Without University

The first time anyone told me I was lucky was just over ten years ago when I was involved in a heated conversation about university education. I was in the pub after work, I was there with four others who were just a few years older than me (I was about 23 at the time) and another guy who was about 50 years old. The four who were just a bit older than me had all gone to university and gained an honors degree, the older chap and me had not. They all started a self congratulating chat about how important a university education was. Continue reading Be Successful Without University

How To Be An Entrepreneur, Lesson 2

young entrepreneurAs I have already mentioned; being an entrepreneur is a state of mind and a way of approaching your life and career. Being an entrepreneur is not about being a billionaire and owning a private jet (although it’s good to have goals). Being an entrepreneur can also be about being very single minded, self sufficient and a bit rebellious. I have found that I didn’t always learn these lessons through choice, I have often found myself in circumstances and situations that have forced me down this road without me even realizing until now when I am finally analyzing it all. Continue reading How To Be An Entrepreneur, Lesson 2

How To Be Lucky With Money

Those that follow me on Twitter will know I often post: Misquote from the Bible: Money is the route of all evil. ACTUAL QUOTE: The LOVE of money is the route of all evil. Follow dreams not money.

I wanted to expand on this more, to really explain what I mean. This article really came out of something I posted on someone’s Facebook wall in response to them asking why some people say we should not chase actual money and why the love of money is not always a good thing. Here is what I posted: Continue reading How To Be Lucky With Money

Excuses, Excuses! Don’t Give Me Problems Give Me Solutions!

SolutionsNot everyone wants to start their own business and I don’t blame them but leaving the rat race does not mean starting a business. Many people work as freelance writers, consultants, salespeople, marketing experts, trainers and many other self employed professions that give them freedom and more money than being employed. Continue reading Excuses, Excuses! Don’t Give Me Problems Give Me Solutions!