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How You Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur: The Small Business To Big Business Mindset

How You Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur: The Small Business To Big Business Mindset

A 5 book “box set” in one printed book. I am proud to finally release the book I always wanted to put out but it’s taken so long to accumulate the material it has been released as individual parts up until now.

This book started out as an easy to follow entrepreneurial course plus my story and examples. As the material and further writing came together it was obvious it was better as a series of books and now I’m happy to announce it’s available in this single volume.

The complete collection of books by Matt Kinsella in one volume:

  • How To Be Lucky
  • Creating New Business Ideas and Opportunities
  • Starting Or Relaunching Your Business
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Cash Flow & Creating a Future For Your Business
  • Bonus chapter on the art of selling and closing
  • Free downloadable material and templates for you to use in your businesses
  • Easy to follow, plain English and “real world” strategies that actually work. This is not theory or jargon, these all things that have worked for me time and again.

This “box set” book is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. Note: If you buy the paperback you can get the Kindle version FREE:
US Amazon Link
UK Amazon Link

Free Entrepreneur Course and Coaching

chI want to offer my Direct Entrepreneur Course and some coaching for free to you, if you think you deserve it. I started out writing my book and business course to help people, especially those that really want it or need it, so to help those that can’t afford my course or coaching I am happy to offer them free of charge.

I was able to get started with minimal help but I know others might struggle to do the same and I genuinely want to offer guidance and support for anyone that can’t pay for it.

You don’t have to be homeless as I was, maybe finances are tight due to family commitments or you were made redundant, maybe you are young and unemployed.

I started out with nothing but found a great amount of wealth and freedom through simple techniques and strategies which I now teach to others. I also developed ways to overcome adversity, emotional difficulties and other problems life threw at me so I could achieve my goals. Becoming successful wasn’t just about business acumen,  I had to break down my own barriers and those around me to get to where I wanted to be.

Part of my coaching involves overcoming personal problems or life’s troubles and breaking down any barriers that exist around you. Sometimes we don’t even realise how much these problems are holding us back. When I coupled these techniques together with my business strategies I transformed my own life and now I help others to do the same.

My time is limited so I can only offer free coaching to a select number of people. If you think you would benefit from some free advice fill out the form below together with the specific reasons you think you deserve coaching and my business course for free. Alternatively if you are interested in paying for a coaching program contact me directly on my contact page.

Sorry this offer is now closed. However I am now offering coaching and mentoring at a very low weekly cost with no tie-in or minimum terms, but if you’re interested in the coaching  please use the contact form below :