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Are you “Thinking about it” too much?

pdrOver the last year I have been helping a number of different people with new business projects, relaunching existing ventures and assisting some people overcome personal issues so they can move on in other areas of their lives.

The one thing that has come up time and again is the amount of time they spend “thinking about it”. In a few cases they have spent over a year considering all the options and coming up with new potential scenarios but in reality they haven’t moved forward in any way.

Others have spent weeks or months waiting for the right time (there is never a right time) to take the next step. I can’t force people to move forward but I can encourage them and when they do eventually make the steps they always say the same thing: “I wish I’d done this earlier”. This doesn’t just apply to big decisions but to minor ones too.

One of the biggest differences I have noted between those that become successful (even if it takes a while) and those that only dream about doing something different is less thinking and more action. Even with the most complicated ventures and decisions I have been involved with I can analyze the options within a week and most of the time it’s just a few hours. If I think something is a good idea and the risks are manageable then I just do it.

Even when the risks are unknown, if I want to do something I’ll do it. If the risks are unknown now, they won’t become obvious 3 months later just by magic; you can only find out by DOING IT! If you can’t cope with the unknown then don’t do it and stop thinking about it because you are just torturing yourself and wasting your life.

My advice is if something seems like a good idea, the known risks are manageable and if that thing can improve your life/business/wealth/freedom/family then just get on with it. You can change, adapt or stop when it pans out. Life is short, this time next year you might regret not starting today.

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