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That’s Just Life, Get Used To It

In my first proper job fifteen years ago people told me “that’s just life get used to it”. I never got used to it so now I make my own money and get up whenever I like! Oh yeah and I make more money with about 10% of the effort.

Yeah I reckon I probably put in 10% of the time and effort to work than I did then. I worked minimum 50 hours a week then, now I probably “work” about 10 – 15 hours a week on average. And I make more money, live a far superior lifestyle, travel, spend time in the sunshine, raise my kids and whatever I feel like.

All because I didn’t believe people when they told me I should get used to it, even those much older than me, friends parents, management and all those that told me “that’s just life”. I wasn’t trying to prove them wrong I just wanted to see what was possible because I wasn’t happy with being locked up in a job five days a week. It wasn’t that difficult to do, just a decision and some independent thought..

People say it’s hard to leave that comfort zone but I say “what comfort zone”? Who’s in the comfort zone now? I wouldn’t leave my comfort zone today, that’s for sure.

Humans don’t want to stand out. When everyone is telling you stick at your safe job and that’s just life; people don’t want to go against that and hang their balls out there. The first time I had a problem and temporarily had to take a job everyone loved to say “told you so”. But for 6 months I plotted my next business, left and made more money than ever. Where were the doubters then? There is no key or secret just freedom of mind and an attitude.

Life is only complicated because we make it complicated, we have freedom when we decide to be free, we are happy when we react differently to what happens to us. It’s just a life choice and not giving a crap what anyone thinks of your own life choice.

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